Imagine having a tool that works like a mirror, but instead of showing you the outside it reflects your inside. Your deepest being and emotions. A tool that is always there as a reminder of who you are. That can celebrate all those victories with you and reminds you of your strengths when you need it.

I believe heroes are not created easily, and I choose to create work for individuals who are survivors and facing everyday routines that are not always full of color.

To provide the very real feeling of being important and powerful in order to influence your reality.


I’m often asked why I do art, what do I want to say with my art photography, and what is the use of it?
The answer is simple:

I am a daydreamer, but at the same time I love things that are authentic and deal with our innermost nature. I adore complicated personalities, and real life inspires me to create my images.

What I find so exciting is the ability to make people’s dreams of being someone better a reality. That’s like a drug which pushes me to keep working.


I know this from my own personal experience.

When I had to learn how to survive in real life.

A couple of years I was stuck, working in high profile corporate jobs, doing things that I didn’t believe in. Working long hours but getting no personal fulfillment.

Luckily I was already enjoying photography and made the right decision the fill my house with art. Not only my own, but also from others. Prints and paintings that reflected who I am as a person. So even when I was feeling lost, they always reminded me of my true self.

That helped me a lot.

It motivated me to change my life.

So a couple of years ago, I decided to turn my life around and follow my passion.

Now, as an artist, I am creating different lives for my “clients” (I like to see them more as friends). In order to give them the experience of being empowered and reminded of their true self. I’m dedicated to creating images that make your heart go thump thump.

Because I believe art matters. That it can not only bring colour, joy and beautiful images to our houses, but that it can make our lives better.


As a photographer, I believe in the power of art and real human connections to provide those little moments of joy that make life better.

So I’ve decided to send 1000 people a free handwritten postcard.

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Hi, I’m Maarten!

I’m a fine art/freelance photographer available for assignments in Antwerp (BE), my hometown, or anywhere else you want to send me! I already have a small toothpaste and everything.

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March – April 2018: Kornél (solo)
May – August 2018: DOKA (solo)

My images were already published in/on:
Digital Camera World Magazine
HUF Magazine
Charlie Mag
De Standaard
De Tijd
Brussels Airlines In-Flight Magazine
Weekend Knack
Bored Panda

And created for:
Eddy Merckx
City of Antwerp
Gent Jazz Festival
Boomtown Festival
Jazz Middelheim Festival
Mon Ventoux
Jasna Rok