A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life

These are not your average photo sessions.

A “Day in the Life” session tells the story of your life, with all the memories captured forever: the ordinary, the small moments of everyday love and sorrow.

Sincere, intimate, funny, harmonious, tender, hilarious, chaotic and poetic.

And I know a whole day with a photographer sounds crazy, but it will be the best day ever.


(See the end of the page for pricing and the answers to all your questions)


How It Works:

  1. We’ll have a meeting beforehand (coffee / dinner / skype) so you and your family can get to know me and I can answer any questions you may have. The better we know each other, the better the images will be.
  2. On a day of your choice we’ll have the actual session documenting real-life moments: making breakfast, brushing teeth, playing in the park, playing sports, reading together, setting the table, eating dinner, bedtime routine…whatever you normally do!
  3. I’ll go to work to edit your images and provide you with the high resolution images, ready to download.

What’s included?

All prices included the photography, selection and editing of all the images, and transport within Belgium. You’ll receive all the images in high resolution ready for print. You can print these yourself, or I can do this for you.

Does it have to be a “family shoot”?

Definitely not. Any “day in the life” is interesting: I’ve followed people for a day at their job, while following painting lessons and during casual strolls on the beach. As long as it’s not a commercial shoot, anything goes.

Is this only available in Belgium?

Not at all, I’ve shot sessions in the Netherlands, Denmark, UK, France and Italy. Just get in touch and we’ll figure it out.

Will we really get spontaneous images? We always find it hard to forget the camera.

Experience has tought me that the first couple of minutes it might take some getting used to, but pretty soon you’ll forget I’m there. You just do the things you want to do and I’ll be the fly on the wall capturing it all.

What should we do during a session?

It’s not neccessary to plan all kinds of activities, but this is possible of course. Just make sure these are things you would normally do, so it really represents you. A session can cover everything from chillin at home to taking a walk, going to the zoo or anything in between.

When will we get the images?

I strive to get you all the images within 2 weeks, but depening on the package you choose this can be much faster.

Will you post our images online?

I always ask permission first, as these are very personal images. If you don’t want this, I’ll respect your choice.