The Fools With Dreams Book

A year of living through trades, told by images, interviews and stories.

The Book

What happens when you give up everything you have and start living through trading your services as a photographer for a place to stay? For a year that’s exactly what I did. An adventure that would lead me to stay with 62 people who stood for doing things differently, who challenged the status quo and made their own dreams come true.

The Fools With Dreams book is the result of this crazy experiment. A unique visual narrative of what and how I saw for a year, accompanied by interviews with my hosts and short mémoires about lessons learned along the way. Consider it an intimate glimpse into the life of a photographer, and as such, into the life and dreams of the 62 fools I lived with.


Features: Full color, open stitch bound, 296 pages + 32 framable prints
Format: 17 × 23 cm
Language: English
Release Date: October 2017
Published by: Stockmans
Design & layout: SuperSerieus
Text: Sara Theunynck
ISBN: 978-3-89955-916-3

How to get it

To bring the book to life, and create a first edition print run we did a successful crowdfunding campaign raising €11.194 in 3 weeks. It’s now available to everyone in select bookstores and by clicking the big green button below!