The Postcard Project

“Pulls me out of the humdrum of every day life.”
–Sue, Ontario

As a photographer, I believe in the power of art and real human connections to provide those little moments of joy that make life better.

So I’ve decided to send 1000 people a free handwritten postcard.

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“They are strangely beautiful. They are funny, nostalgic, and utterly eccentric. —Sarah Van Looy

“Exquisitely visual gems.”—Will Gillo

“Groovy, baby.”—Austin Powers

About me:

Hi! I’m Maarten and I’m an international photographer from Belgium. A couple of years ago, after working in high profile corporate jobs for a while I decided to turn my life around and follow my passion. Since then I’m dedicated to creating images that make your heart go thump thump. Because I believe art matters, and that images can make our lives better.

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